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Year 4

Hello and welcome to Classes 9 and 10

Class 9 is taught by Miss Booth / Mrs Walker-Jones and Class 10 is taught by Mr Goff.  Miss Foote supports in both classes.


Key information

  • Mr Goff’s class is situated on the playground and Miss Booth’s class is next to the computing suite.
  • Our P.E. days are Tuesday and Thursday. Please ensure that P.E. kits remain in school and are only taken home for the half-term holidays. Anyone with ears pierced will either need to take their earrings out for the lesson or cover these with plasters/micropore tape, which are provided for by their family. 
  • Please send your child with a water bottle each day which is filled with water and ideally labelled. 
  • To support your child with their reading, please read with them at least 4 times per week for about 10 to 15 minutes. All children have a book in school at their reading level. We encourage them to bring these books home. Please ensure they are returned each day so they can also be read in school.



Last half-term in maths we were learning about fractions. We revised what a fraction was as well how to find fractions of a set of objects or a shape. We then learned how to count in fractions, find equivalent fractions and add and subtract fractions. We also learned how to find the fraction of a quantity or an amount using a bar model. After completing our work on fractions, we began our work on decimals. We looked at how factions and decimals are different ways of expressing the same value.  We have learned about the link between tenths and hundredths and how we can write these as a fraction and a decimal.

This term we will begin by finishing our work on decimals. We begin with ‘making a whole’ then we learn how to order compare and round decimals. Once we have secure knowledge of how to do this we will use our knowledge of decimals to solve problems involving money or measurement.



In English last term, our text was ‘The Lost Happy Endings’. We very much enjoyed reading and studying this text. It is an interesting story with two main characters, the witch and Jub. We applied our knowledge of verbs, fronted adverbials and similes to first write a character description and then retell the story.

This term we are studying the story of ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’ which matches our history topic of ‘Ancient Greece’. We are looking at how the story is structured and how the tension builds when he enters the labyrinth. We are going to use what we have learned through the year to write the story but using different paragraphs to achieve different things. One paragraph will be a setting description and build tension while another will be a character description.



Our science topic for this term is ‘Animals. Including humans’. We will be specifically learning about the digestive system. We learn the names of the organs of the digestive system and the jobs they do. We will also learn about the different types of teeth we have and what their roles are in helping us to eat. We will be completed an investigation into tooth decay using egg shells to represent out teeth and we will place them into different liquids to see how much they decay.


Topic – History

As noted above, our topic for this term in ‘Ancient Greece’. We will be learning about the rise and fall of the Greek empire and where this fits into the historical timeline. We will also learn about the many things the Greeks introduced to the world or how their society was advanced compared to others.