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Young Sports Ambassadors 

This term, our Year 5 children had the opportunity to become Young Sports Ambassadors - our very own Milford Sports Leaders. The four successful candidates, selected by their teachers, are Rubie, Dylan-Lee, Ocean, Laila. On the 11th of November, Miss Robinson and Mrs Elston took the children to Harvey Hadden. They spent half an afternoon training and learning new skills and gathering new ideas to bring back to school. Over the last few weeks, our sports leaders have been showing off their skills to our Year 3 children by running fun activities at lunch time to increase physical activity.

Although its early days, our sports leaders have done a fantastic job! After the New Year, our sports leaders have an even bigger challenge! They are taking their coaching to the next level and are helping Miss Robinson with the year 3 after school club. Wish them luck!   

Thursday the 25th of November - the day had arrived! Miss Robinson and Mr Woodward had been preparing the Year 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics team for this very day: the Sports Hall Athletics Final! 

With weeks of preparation leading to this very moment, the team was ready. The children would be competing against schools across Nottingham, who qualified in their own heats, which left seven schools to compete in the grand finale.The children took part in a variety of athletic events, which included both track and field events. Points were earned depending on what place the children finished in during their event. With team talks from both teachers, both boys and girls were motivated to give it their all and be determined to win!

With all events coming to an end, the Milford children put in so much hard work and both teachers were so happy as the children made the school proud. No matter the result, the children had given it their all and were champions in the school's eyes. 

The results were in...

The Milford Academy finished in 1st place! 

Absolutely fantastic achievement - Well done years 5/6.