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School Uniform

We pride ourselves on our pupils looking smart and feel that this is crucial to ensure our pupils are well-prepared to do their best in school. All of our pupils are expected to wear the correct school uniform (except Nursery) and this is explained further in our uniform policy. 

To help families reduce costs, our branded uniform, with the Milford logo, is optional - similar unbranded items are available from many supermarkets and shops. 

We also welcome donations of secondhand uniform items that are not needed but still usable. We launder them & provide these free of charge for other families. We have a selection available in our main school reception area. Please help yourself to anything you need for your child(ren). 

If you have any questions about our uniform, please speak to a member of the Milford team. 

You can buy The Milford Academy uniform from Just Schoolwear, using the link: