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OFSTED Inspections

We are pleased to share with you the findings of our recent OFSTED report.  We all hope that the comments within the report gives you confidence about your choice of school for your child.

Key features / summary of the OFSTED Report June 2016

“You and your leaders are developing an exciting learning culture”.

“…. your team are passionate about helping your pupils to understand that the investment they make in their education now will have a significant impact on the rest of their lives.  Consequently, pupils thoroughly enjoy coming to school and are fiercely proud of Milford Academy”.

“you are rightly aspiring to become an outstanding school and are making strides in this direction”.

“…. a new, stimulating and well-resourced library”.

“Parents speak highly of the care and support that characterise the school both academically and pastorally”.

“…. a high priority on keeping pupils safe”.

“Pupils, staff and parents agree that behaviour at the school is good”.

“the school is a strong and cohesive community where all pupils succeed”.

“The Governing Body is a dedicated and skilled group who know the school well”.

“…. children develop a love of learning from their earliest days in school”.

“The learning environment is thoughtfully organised, both indoors and outdoors”.

“Teachers know their pupils extremely well”.

“There is a relentless focus on every pupil becoming a confident reader who is “Secondary” ready by the end of Year 6”.

“The extremely popular after-school club makes an excellent contribution to developing pupils learning and social skills”.

“The school is an extremely bright and welcoming place”.

“…. pupils use the well-designed outdoor spaces well to play, talk and have fun”.

“You and your staff share a strong commitment to improving the life chances of disadvantaged pupils”.

“There are extremely positive relationships between all pupils and adults in the school.  The school promotes equality of opportunity successfully and does not tolerate discrimination of any kind.  The development of British values is strong”.

This report reflects the huge amount of work and dedication of the whole staff team at Milford which you can expect to see repeated next year.

Next Steps

  • We remain determined to close gaps in attainment for disadvantaged pupils to improve their life chances.
  • Ensuring the appropriate level of challenge in activities to stretch pupils learning will be discussed at our September INSET day.
  • All required information will be on the school website by September. We aim for the website to be the only source of internet information about the school because all necessary information about the school will be there.

OFSTED Inspection June 2016

OFSTED Inspection February 2012