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OFSTED Inspections

We are pleased to share with you the findings of our recent OFSTED report.  We all hope that the comments within the report gives you confidence about your choice of school for your child.

Key features / summary of the OFSTED Report June 2021

The ‘Milford values’ are clear to see…one pupil telling the inspector ‘I’m on fire’…teachers make learning interesting…staff are ambitious…positive conduct…ambitious curriculum… Leaders ensure that pupils get to read a wide range of texts, authors and genres as they move through the school. Pupils have positive attitudes to reading…the mathematics curriculum is well sequenced…senior leaders have revitalised the school’s direction and ambition…safeguarding is given the highest priority… The governing body recognise the ambition and refocus on the curriculum that senior leaders have brought to the school.

Information about this school
◼ Since the last inspection, the school has opened the Milford early start unit, for children
aged two years old and above.

Information about this inspection
◼ This was the first routine inspection the school received since the 2020 2021 COVID 19
(coronavirus) pandemic began Inspectors discussed the impact of the pandemic with
the school and has taken that into account in the ir evaluation of the school.
◼ Inspector s met with the headteacher, other senior leaders, subject leaders and groups
of staff and pupils. They spoke with three representatives of the governing body,
including the chair and representatives of the Nottingham Schools Trust.
◼ Inspectors carried out deep dives in reading, mathematics, art and music. Inspectors
spoke with leaders, pupils and staff, visited lessons, listened to pupils read to adults in
school, and looked at samples of work.
◼ Inspectors looked at the school s record of employments checks and a sample of the
school's safeguarding records and spoke with safeguarding leaders.