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The curriculum is creative, coherent and progressive. We aim to deepen children’s knowledge and understanding of key areas that are linked with both the National Curriculum and relevant to our children’s lives now and going forward.

At The Milford Academy, we believe that it is our responsibility to pass on powerful knowledge to our children. Thus, we aim to deliver a curriculum that helps pupils to gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of both Britain and the wider world.


At The Milford Academy we aim to ensure that:

  • All pupils have historical understanding of their country with a coherent and chronological historical narrative.
  • All pupils have an understanding of how their lives, in Britain, have been influenced by the wider world.
  • All pupils acquire a bank of useful historical vocabulary that they can apply to a variety of contexts.
  • Throughout our history curriculum, children will be able to discuss and understand the historical concepts of change, similarities/differences and to be able to make connections between the time periods they have covered and their own experiences in present.
  • As part of their learning, children will make connections within and between the topics based on changes to everyday life and the impact, both positive and negative, of invasions on British culture.
  • Learning is embedded into the Long Term Memory by making connections across the curriculum and by regular ‘Recap’ and ‘Reflect’ sessions.
  • At least one of the history topics, over the two topic cycles, is linked with a trip to expand pupils’ experiences.