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Help at Home

At the end of every week we will upload our 'Questions of the week' onto Class Dojo.  The questions link to the knowledge and skills the children have been learning in Nursery throughout the week.  Please ask your child the questions at the end of the week as it will help them to retrieve the knowledge from their memory.

It is very important for children at nursery age (and younger and older) to have a bedtime story, or to share an uninterrupted story time with a special adult, so please keep reading stories to your children. We will be posting tips and ideas on here as well. This is a good website to begin with:

Learning and singing Nursery rhymes is very beneficial for children.  Research has found that when a child knows 8 or more Nursery rhymes by heart at the age of 4, they are more likely to be better at reading and spelling by the age of 8!

Most importantly, have fun together!  Children learn best through play, so laugh, smile, talk and make memories together.