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At The Milford Academy, we believe that English is of vital importance both in education and in society. A good knowledge of English allows for children to develop fully as a proactive member of society. Thus, we aim to deliver a curriculum that teaches children to speak, read and write fluently.  The English curriculum that we offer aims to help children to develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually.  Encouraging children to interact with a range of literature plays a vital role in this development. At The Milford Academy, we encourage children to understand the importance of reading to be able to both acquire knowledge and build on their knowledge. When our children leave us, we aim for them to be avid readers, who read fluently and widely, and who are able to express thoughtful opinions about the texts that they read. Developing a love of reading is integral to this and as such we aim to provide all children with access to a wide range of suitably challenging text types, authors and genres. Through our writing provision, we intend to create confident and accurate writers who can write for a variety of purposes and audiences with a little of their own individual flair. We also understand the importance of our children having a good grasp of Standard English. As such, we provide a curriculum whereby our children are encouraged to be able to write with grammatical accuracy, with application of the spelling rules they learn and with a neat and consistent handwriting style. We aim to advance both the written and spoken vocabulary of our children through not just our English provision but also throughout our wider curriculum offering. The expectation is that our children will apply all of these English skills across the whole curriculum. Utilising and implementing the National Curriculum document is integral to achieving this.