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At The Milford Academy, we pride ourselves on having good attendance. 


The doors open at 8:45am. The doors into corridors and the Infant Hall open. The doors will remain open until 9am.

Children arriving after 9am will need to enter school by the front office and be signed in and taken to their classroom by a member of the office staff. 

The morning register will be marked by 9:10am. Pupils will receive a late mark (L code) if they arrive between 9:10am and 9:25am.

·The morning register will close at 9:25am. After 9:25am, pupils will receive a late mark after the register closes,  (U code) which denotes an unauthorised absence.


If your child is going to be absent from school due to illness or any other circumstance, please telephone school on your child’s first day of absence by 9:20am. Alternatively, send a message on class Dojo.

On your child’s return to school, please send your child with a note giving the reason for the absence, so school records can be updated.


Our school policy states that all family holidays should be taken during the school holidays unless there is an exceptional circumstance. Please refer to our policy for more details or speak to Mrs Butler.


If you have any questions about your child’s attendance, please contact Mrs Butler.

Mrs Butler