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Art & Design

At the Milford Academy, pupils experience a wide range of inspirational, creative projects within the Art and Design Curriculum. Pupils learn and explore age appropriate skills, knowledge and techniques progressively throughout their school journey. Art and Design knowledge includes a wide range of media and aspects, including drawing and painting, printing, pattern and 3D form. Art and Design projects are linked to topic work to give a context which helps pupils make connections in their learning.  Pupils have the opportunity to study a range of Artists. Activities are planned in each phase to ensure a progression of skills, techniques and media. These planned, creative, progressive activities foster aspiration and enjoyment in the arts.

Creativity is also developed through partnership projects, such as with Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham Schools Trust and Nottingham Contemporary. Milford's pupils are given the opportunity to visit Art galleries and work with professional artists.

Art Ambassadors across school are inspiring other pupils to develop art techniques and think creatively. Milford Academy is part of the Schools of Tomorrow project and a professional artist, Laura Eldret works regularly in school as well as with the Nottingham Contemporary. Milford Academy also seizes opportunities to work with the Nottingham School Trust funded partnership projects.